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We collect everything from turn-out gear to jaws-of-life from dedicated fire and rescue stations throughout Minnesota. 


Local Minnesota dentists donate everything from instruments to chairs and disposable items.
The Message Program secures donations of supplies and equipment in the United States of America for distribution to providers in other countries. We distribute items based on an evaluation of the recipients actual need. It ensures that the recipient receiving the donations have the adequate training and capacity to use the donations responsibly.
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Our volunteers collect medical supplies such as walkers, cains, crutches, beds, linens, disposable and non-disposable items from hospital, clinics and other medical organizations who are looking to recycle and help others.  We take anything medical with the exception of medications.

Message Program

 Medical - Dental - Fire - EMS
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The Message Program collects donations of Medical, Dental, EMS, and Fire equipment and supplies. The process includes, sorting, inventorying, and packing the items for shipment. The donations are then transported by air, land, and sea to third world destinations. Upon arrival the donations are gifted out to facilities that provide assistance to the poor.

There is a desperate necessity to provide education in basic health care procedures and preventative care themes in rural communities of Central American countries. This program reaches undeveloped areas with populations of millions of people.  

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